Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Tobacco and Cannabis Bong

Every stoner knows that certain equipment are specifically made for smoking. You can find several bongs starting from the ones made of glass, the dab rigs and the concentrate pipes. Smoking using bongs is said to be among the most secure methods of smoking. Using bongs to smoke is safe as it is capable of filtering all the smoke components that form part of the water.

Through the filtration, the smoke produces is healthy, cleaner and also very smooth. If you are a first time tobacco or cannabis smoker, bongs would the perfect equipment for you. Compare to other ways of smoking, smoking using bongs is less chocking to the throat. There are bongs made of different materials and designs. Selecting the type of tobacco and cannabis bong that would match your needs is a bit challenging for people who have never used them. By considering the following factors, choosing your tobacco and cannabis smoking bong would be less challenging.

Your budget may determine the kind of tobacco and cannabis bong you will select form the market. This is due to the fact that bongs are sold according to their materials. Due to this, you have to know your budget well before going to purchase a tobacco or cannabis bong. Since your smoking environment should be suitable for your bong, you will have to consider it when you are selecting the right bong for you.
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Glass , wood, and acrylic are some of the well-known materials for making bongs. For the novice tobacco and cannabis smokers, acrylic bongs are the most perfect. These kinds can last for a very long time since they are made form a mixture of plastic and metal or rubber. Wooden tobacco and cannabis bongs are stylish and very affordable. Their wooden smell is so nice. Glass bongs are standard compared to the others.
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They have been proven to be very classy and provide a good smoking experience. They also do not produce fumes and vapors. Additionally, the glass bongs can be easily cleaned and maintained. The attachments found in glass tobacco or cannabis bongs makes it a little bit costly.

If the environment you will be smoking at is not that spacious, the most perfect bong for you would be the smaller sized types. If you have got enough spec, you can just choose a bigger bong. However when the tobacco bong is too big, its chances of being damaged becomes high. If you are planning to use the bong with other people, you should choose the travel bongs. Bubblers are easily portable due to their small size.