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The Causes of Leaky Roof Tiles

There are many types of Home Roofs that you can choose according to your needs. We recommend you select a roof that is strong, durable and needs low maintenance.

The causes of roof tiles leakage are very diverse, ranging from being crushed by hard objects or due to old age. A safe and comfortable home is everyone’s dream. But if there is something terrible happening in the house, surely the level of comfort would decrease, especially in the rainy season. Leaking roofs can be a severe problem if you don’t handle it properly.

Here is the Explanation on Causes of Roof Tile Leakage:

• Broken roof tile

It can happen if you use poor quality roof tile. The age of the roof and the changing weather can also cause the roof tiles fragile and broken. Especially if you are in a location with extreme weather conditions. It must affect the health of the roof. The only way to overcome this is by replacing it with a new roof.

• Damage on Ridge Flashing

Ridge flashing is part of a tile roof with letter U shape and is located on the top of the roof. Damage on Ridge flashing is a big problem and difficult to overcome. For that, you should know how to install Ridge flashing properly.

You can be overcome a cracked ridge flashing by using white cement and Fox glue to patch the cracks. To repair severe damage on Ridge flashing, the only thing you can do is contact Southern Cross Roofing at 02 9477 7961. They are one of the companies engaged in repairing Sydney slate roofing. They are ready to help you with Roof extensions, roof replacement, roof repairs, etc.

Those are the cause of the leaky roof and how to fix it. Always check the condition of the house, and if you find something broken, immediately contact Southern Cross Roofing at number 02 9477 7961 to avoid further damage.

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