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Let Us Get to Know about Pens

The pens are one of the most useful objects that we use in our daily lives but we sometimes forget how important it is or simply we take it for granted. This is an accessory item that is always ready for us to use, and we see it being held by an executive, or being placed on top of a nice corporate desk, or humbly placed inside a cup on your home desk or office.

Used for personal and corporate gifts, these billions of pens produced by personalized pens industry, come in various styles and materials. Pens can be bought in different materials like in wood, plastic, with metals like stainless steel and brass as accents of the body of the pen. Also, both pen and the ink itself can be of various kinds and you can choose which one would matches your style and convenience.

You can choose the pen that you like depending on your own taste or who you will give it to. The classic pens are the fountain pens that has a nib, roller ball pens, or pens with ballpoint tips where ink would flow through. With a ballpoint pen, the ink is thick and oil based, while the roller ball pens have gel or liquid that makes writing smoother and a more fluid motion.

The next type of personalized pen is the traditional one which comes with a refillable cartridge that you can fill with ink, or you have the option to get one with cartridges that you can dispose once empty. Perfect gifts for parents and grandparents who are used to writing with them is this traditional and considered old school pen. Today’s digital age when young people are more adept to typing rather than writing, would find a pen as a gift to be nostalgic and delightful.

You can personalize your pens if used as gifts to important clientele and business executive as a token of your appreciation for their business and services with you. Another way to give personalized pens is to have them with inscriptions of the logo or slogan of the company, and give to your employees during special occasions like the holidays or during promotions and raises or company anniversary.

You can also use personalized pens as your marketing and promotional tools with company logos or slogans, and you can make these as your giveaways during conferences, trade shows, seminars and so on to the attendees.

When you want to engrave names, logos and slogans on the pens to make it personalize for your need, you would need a skilled person with the necessary tools to do the job. To create the perfect personalized pen, these shops have the engraving and printing tools to do the job right, like pad printing, silkscreen printing, and visual foil transfer printing.

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