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Some Models of Ceramics Terraces, Stairs, Bedrooms and Living Room

There are some important things to remember in choosing a ceramic model for the spaces in your home. For example, the first is the size of your space, plain ceramic motifs and large slabs are more suitable for rooms that tend to be small. Avoid crowded motifs because it will make space feel more cramped. Use crowded motifs or unique shapes as accents.

Besides size, the texture is also important based on the function of the room where your ceramic is attached. For example, choose ceramic that has a rough texture for wet areas such as shower and swimming pool areas. Maximize the amount of ceramics during the installation so that not much ceramic is wasted or cut. Even if there are, you can arrange them into mosaic tiles and can be reused as accents as a form of recycling material.

Find the ceramic model that best suits your taste and design style and don’t forget to apply the tips and tricks. Whatever the ceramic model, never hesitate to explore the colors and building materials to decorate your dream home. For maximum results, you can find thousands of other inspirational and trusted interior designs at Flooring Australia. Enjoy exploring to decorate your home!

Effects of Stone on the Porch Ceramic Model

Besides being budget-friendly, ceramics are also a material that is easier to clean compared to natural stone. Because of that, the model of porch ceramics with a stone effect like this can be one of the choices for those of you who want the natural impression of stone with a more cost-effective. This porch ceramic model creates a tropical and natural feel for the outdoor area of ​​your residence. Weather-resistant and has a matt finish/not sparkling. It is suitable if the terrace area is adjacent to a garden, garden or swimming pool.

This porch ceramic model can create the impression of being in a resort, especially if it is combined with furniture that looks light and transparent to emphasize a modern and casual style. For more ethnic or traditional style furniture from bamboo or rattan material is also very suitable and iconic if combined with this porcelain ceramic model.

Luxurious and Elegant Style

Marble patterned ceramics certainly add a luxurious impression to your home design. Model ceramic stairs with marble motifs combined with other materials such as gold or silver metal plates can give more design value to the interior of the house with a modern and luxurious style. With a solid match material like this, you can be sure you no longer need decorative lights on the stairs because the accent is protruding from the sparkle and reflection effects of the bronze/gold plate itself

Model ceramic stairs can be combined in such a way because basically the stairs have several shapes and areas where more than one type of color or material can be applied. For example, light color ceramics for footing and darker colors for the same motif for the wall. This combination makes contrast and makes the staircase design not boring and dynamic. For ceramic stair models, choose ceramics with a large size so that no grout connections are visible on each step of the ladder. This is a technical detail which, if properly observed can make the final design more perfect

Modern Industrial Bedrooms

The bedroom ceramic model is an important element that supports the comfort of your resting and relaxing time in the room. With ceramic technology that has developed a lot at this time, for those of you who are interested in a strict and strong industrial style, you can try a bedroom ceramic model with a masculine metal effect like this. With colors that tend to be dark will create a calm mood for your sleep. Can be combined with materials of different colors, or in the same color gradation for a wider impression. With warm-colored decorative lights such as yellow or orange can balance the impression of cold and give a warm effect. This ceramic bedroom model is suitable for those of you who are

Homey Living Room with Ceramic Motif Model

Wood parquet material is one of the favorite materials with a high level of demand despite having quite expensive prices and special care. The good news, now there is a choice of ceramics with wooden motifs that are very close to the original. Like in the picture above. The living room ceramic model with a wood motif is certainly more minimal maintenance and environmentally friendly. It also can make your living room feel warmer and the family gathering atmosphere at the end of the week is also more intimate. Choose the ceramic model of the living room that has a shape

Suitable for almost pseudo interior styles from classic to modern contemporary. Can be one of your references when you want to renovate wood parquet floors that have begun to damage or need to be replaced.

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