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Quick and Easy Ways to Makeover the Family Room

The family room receives a lot of abuse. It is the “go to” rooom for relaxing, gaming, and watching shows and movies on the TV. Chances are your family naps, eats, and even rough houses in this area. This can quickly take its toll on the home decor. Fortunately, there are ways you can quickly and easily give this space a fresh new look.

Slip Covers

You might be picturing the ugly, ill fitting wraps that your grandmother used to throw over her furniture when you hear someone mention slip covers, but today’s versions are elegant and fit snug. They are made from fabrics that stretch to ensure a contoured fit, and they can be thrown in the washing machine to keep them looking terrific. It is a great way to bring new life to older pieces of furniture.


You can easily afford to give your family room a whole new look each season by swapping out the accessories. Use light colored pillows and throws on the sofa for spring and summer. Exchange them for deeper, rich colors in the fall and winter. This can be done with your window treatments as well. Even accent rugs can be replaced as the weather turns.

Wall Art

The quickest way to spruce up the family room is by purchasing new wall art or rearranging pieces you already have. Rather then using nails and tape measures, products from places like Command or Never Measure are the easy way to hang pictures. It allows you to swap out art work more often for a fresh new look and feel. You can also use wreaths hung above fireplaces or on doors to reflect the current season.

With a few new items like slip covers, accessories, and wall art, your family room can once again look beautiful. By choosing things that can be laundered or easily cleaned, it should continue to look amazing no matter how much your family throws at it.


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