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Pipe Lagging – What Makes Armacell a Top Choice?

In 1954 Armstrong World Industries began a new production line of brick and corkboard that was insulated. From there, the company began producing a flexible insulator specifically for pipe connections called Armaflex. By 1967 their products were in such demand they built another factory in Münster, Germany to meet demand. The 1973 oil crisis after the war forged the way for innovating, insulated heating systems – Around the same time Germany brought in a new law that new building must be built to a certain standard reducing the amount of energy consumed. Obviously, this did wonders for the Armstrong company. In 1984 they bought out a Swiss company ad by doing so acquired the Turboilt brand, which was a polyethylene based insulating product.

Leading Manufacturer

By 1991 the Münster factory had become one of the world’s leading companies with regards to insulation solutions. In 2000 Armstrong World industries was bought out except the Armacell insulating division, which became an independent company that held all rights to Armaflex and Turboilt insulating products. Today their products continue to be renowned as among the best insulating solutions available and the range is vast: Unquestionably, regardless of whether it is a commercial or home project (protecting cold pipes from freezing for example) Armacell / Armaflex products are first class.

How Much Energy is Your House wasting?

Insulating walls, rafters and pipes etc can seem like a lot of work for nothing – until you actually start looking at the numbers. Heating up and cooling down the home can account for around fifty percent of the energy used in that home: Commercial buildings, a little less a forty percent. That’s no little mark up on the fuel bills! Therefore, doing what you can with regards to pipe lagging and insulating is worthwhile. The two most common fabrics used to insulate are fibreglass and specialist insulating rubbers. When choosing solutions for your home or commercial business the R-Value is very important – The value changing on the type of material used and thickness.

Armacell – Armaflex Lagging Products

Armafex HT & Tuffcoat – Perfect for insulating outdoor pipes.

Armales Ultima – This is often used in public and commercial buildings such as Hospitals and schools, because it produces very little smoke

Armafelx Ductwork – Armaflex has a highly specialised foil backed sheeting   specifically designed for rectangular ducts: Creating a very neat and professional finish.

Armaflex Self Seal – Designed for fast and easy application, especially when access is difficult. It has double sided tape that simply seals together by peeling it back and closing the seam.

Top Features

  • Suitable for many situations: Weatherproof, indoor & Outdoor, Solar installations.
  • Available in standard as well as commercial sizes and thicknesses.
  • An industry leader that conforms to all fire and building regulations.

A leader in research and technology in it’s field, Amaflex can offer a comprehensive selection of insulating solutions for indoors and outdoors, including many accessories and paints. If you want to use the best, Amaflex should definitely be your first stop.

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