Childrens Bedding For Sharing A Bedroom

Decorating your child?s bedroom in a manner that will be fun and inspiring for your son or daughter but also aesthetically coordinated to your tastes and the rest of the house is no small feat. When your kids share a bedroom, it can be twice as hard.

Whether you have twins sharing a room or children of different ages and even genders, chances are they will not like all the same things and will have different ideas about how the room should be decorated. You can try the old method of drawing a line down the middle of the room and allowing your children do whatever they want with their respective sides, but this can create some pretty interesting and uncoordinated bedroom decorations.

Better yet, use some general decorating guidelines and childrens bedding and accessories to create a well balanced room that also allows each child to express his or her unique interests and tastes.

Start With Some Basic Guidelines

Before letting your kids pick out their favorite childrens bedding patterns, set some general guidelines for their selections so that their individual bedding choices will end up coordinating together. Color is a great place to start. Help your kids pick a few colors that they will stick to when decorating their room. Keep the wall color or wall paper in mind when making color selections so that the childrens bedding will compliment its surroundings.

You can stop at color and let your kids pick up from there, but if you have ideas about general themes that you?d like your kids to pick from, set those guidelines as well. Maybe both your boys love sports but one prefers basketball while the other likes football best. You can make sports the general theme of their room and allow each boy to pick childrens bedding for the sport he favors.

If you want to have themed childrens bedroom accessories such as wall borders, window treatments and knick knacks that all follow a general theme, it will be much easier to pull off if you limit your kids bedding selections to the same theme. For example, if you picked a Care Bears theme for your little girls? room, you can decorate the room with Care Bears accessories and then allow each child to choose girls bedding decorated with her favorite Care Bear.

It Doesn?t Have to be Perfect!

Anytime you?re decorating a child?s bedroom, it?s important to keep in mind that it doesn?t have to be as perfectly put together as the rest of your house. Children enjoy wild patterns and mixing colors because they are learning about their own tastes and the world around them. So, try not to get wrapped up in having everything come together perfectly and shoot for helping your kids? express themselves within some general color and theme guidelines.

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