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7 Tips for Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Success

7 Tips for Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Success

Whether it’s a big bathroom remodeling job or one on a smaller scale, research is crucial to the success of the project. As with other home renovation projects, bathroom upgrades can be labor-intensive and costly. With these tips, homeowners may increase their chances of success.

Consider the Project’s Schedule

Before breaking ground on the bathroom upgrade, create a realistic but thorough schedule for every step. The time required to remodel a bathroom depends on various factors. If only minor changes are to be made, it won’t take more than a day or two. However, if everything’s being taken down to the studs and the contractor has to wait for fixtures and other materials to be delivered, it may take weeks. It’s crucial for homeowners to consider their schedules when taking on a bathroom remodeling project so they have a realistic expectation of when the job will be done.

Get Creative With Bathroom Storage

All bathrooms, regardless of size, need plenty of storage. After all, family members need places for towels, toiletries, and other items. When a bathroom upgrade is done with storage in mind, the room looks more neat and orderly even when it’s in use. When considering storage, it’s important to do so with an eye on the future. Will there be a new member of the household? Will the added storage appeal to potential home buyers? While these may not seem like vital considerations at the time, it’s important to think of the future during a bathroom remodel.

Setting a Realistic Budget

It’s fun to dream about luxurious additions to a new bathroom, but where the budget is concerned, it’s vital to keep it realistic. A common breakdown is 20{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on cabinetry and hardware, 20{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on fixtures, 20{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on plumbing, 20{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on labor, 10{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on flooring, 5{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on lighting, 4{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on design fees, and 1{22c11f26b699c354b4d134f9bb3470a828623aae857b0aa6341d76a019ced469} on miscellaneous costs.

Start With Major Fixtures First

When starting a bathroom remodeling project, it’s best to start small. Consider focusing on just a few things that can be done in a timely fashion, such as the toilet, sink, and lighting, before tackling bigger projects. When a homeowner isn’t convinced of the necessity of a large-scale renovation, changing these aspects will still make a big difference.

Be Prepared for Compromises

When estimating the bathroom remodeling cost and setting a budget, most people realize that they won’t, in fact, be able to afford those heated floors, skylights, the garden tub, and the jetted shower without blowing the budget. A good thing to do is to pick one luxury item; for instance, if the shower is a must-have, keep everything else budget-friendly. Find more at Fairfax Kitchen Bath.

Choose the Right Colors

As it becomes time to paint the bathroom, homeowners shouldn’t underestimate the power of color. The bathroom shouldn’t be too dark or too bright, which means it’s important to consider the room’s colors and lighting to get the ideal look. Brighter colors may make a small room feel larger, while darker shades can add a touch of drama.

Create a Focal Point

Finally, when planning a bathroom remodeling project, it’s crucial to consider the focal point. What should people notice when they enter the room? A focal point will draw the eye to a certain area, and it may even make the room feel bigger. An item serving as a focal point may be a bathtub, a mirror, or even a piece of artwork.

When undertaking a home renovation, it’s important to consider every factor. A homeowner shouldn’t finish the project and then regret his or her choice of paint color or light fixtures. With these tips and a good contractor, remodeling the bathroom becomes much easier.

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