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4 Maintenance Must-Do-s For Your Home AC

You will be happy and feel comfy when the air conditioning unit is working efficiently, however, when it begins to drag and doesn’t cool the room as you need, things become a nightmare.  If you neglect your AC and you don’t do the necessary maintenance, you will have the ugly side of the cooling system, but when you take good care and ensure it is properly serviced and maintained, you will be smiling all the time.  Neglecting the air conditioner and not doing maintenance will contribute to a steady decline in performance while at the same time allowing energy consumption to steadily increases.  Here are four maintenance things you must do for your home air conditioner unit:

  1. Cleaning and Changing the Filters

Routinely cleaning and replacing the filters is the most crucial maintenance work that allows the unit to remain efficient.  With time, dirt builds up and clogs the filter meaning the normal airflow is reduces something that lowers the efficiency of the system.  When the normal airflow is blocked, air bypassing the filter can take dirt to the evaporator coil thus impairing the capacity to absorb heat.  Cleaning and replacing clogged filters will save the unit’s energy use by about 5 to 15 percent, and this has a direct translation to your utility bill – it’s reduced.

  1. Clean the Evaporator Coil

Although cleaning the filter will prevent soiling of the evaporator coil, over time, the coil will collect dirt.  The dirt may come from dust and nearby foliage or the lawn mower.  When debris and dirt build up in the coil, it reduces the flow of air and creates an insulation to the coil, which means it can’t absorb heat efficiently.  This will contribute to the heating of the system and it can create a dangerous situation because of the heat and the debris.

You can imagine having debris like dry tiny pieces of grass and the heating of the coil, this can trigger a fire.  The evaporator coil needs occasional cleaning to keep it free of dirt.  The condenser coils located outside may also collect dirt and need cleaning.  Clearing the area around the condenser, removing debris, and cleaning the coils ensure efficient flow of air in home air conditioners.

3.      Check Wiring and Electric Components

Make it a routine to check the wiring of the AC; it can indicate signs of overheating that compels you to seek a technician.  Before you check it, turn off the electricity at the main breaker panel and unplug the air conditioner for your safety.  Take away the access panel on the unit and look for signs of overheating.  If you notice melted wire insulation, burned or blackened wires, and such signs, it should sound an alarm.  Check to see that the connections are tight.

  1. Check the Thermostat

Keeping the thermostat working properly ensures that you have the right temperatures in your home.  You can upgrade to a programmable thermostat if you have the older, mechanical one.  Test the thermostat to see that it works properly.  It will help you control the temperatures when you are not at home.

When you maintain and service residential air conditioners appropriately, they will not only be efficient but also save you on energy bills.  They will also survive for long without needing major repairs or a replacement.

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