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Teleradiology Gives Access to Solutions Without Borders

Larger hospitals, along with several specialty clinics, can hire a full radiology team, with equipment. However, there are many smaller hospitals, or remote, rural clinics, which cannot afford the latest advances in radiology devices, or hire all the specialists needed to treat every single patient. In an emergency situation, the on-staff radiologist may not be available for a consult.

This is where teleradiology comes in. Trusted teleradiology firms are compliant with standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the American College of Radiology (ACR), and the Joint Commission. Thanks to the implementation of these high standards, teleradiology firms work with leading radiologists, who provide expert readings of specific scans. Physical location is no barrier, thanks to computing and software solutions, which bring results to patients anywhere in the country.

Additionally, teleradiology solutions give hospitals and clinics access to radiologists any time of day, any day of the week. Even radiologists have specific schedules, so they may not be immediately available if there is an emergency. Great teleradiology firms know that hospitals may need to contact a leading radiologist anytime of day or week, so they offer the best solutions all the time.
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A great teleradiology firm helps hospitals find the best available radiologist for an expert opinion, but the company will also provide vital support staff to help with licensing, credentialing, and insurance. This helps cover the patient’s treatment, avoids unnecessary paperwork clutter, and means the hospital can focus on assessing and treating the patient.
The Art of Mastering Systems

Thanks to the internet, rapid advances in technology have driven the market to provide smartphones, tablets, and computers with large amounts of storage. Improvements in communication devices mean that medical professionals are better able to quickly and effectively communicate with each other. Communications improvements mean that teleradiology just makes sense for many hospitals, who may otherwise suffer from the national doctor shortage. The best teleradiology services offer all the staff a hospital may need to assess and diagnose injuries and illnesses, which takes stress off the hospital. Government and professional standards mean that these firms offer credentialed, qualified expertise. All this, while removing physical borders! The best teleradiology solutions can get hospitals reports from scans in less than an hour.

With better care, patients experience better outcomes. If the best specialist isn’t in the area, a teleradiology firm can provide a necessary service. For smaller hospitals or nonprofit clinics, teleradiology firms save money on the budget! The hospital may have a few pieces of scanning equipment, and well-trained staff to manage them, but they won’t need every single specialist on hand, all the time.

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